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We’re located on the main thoroughfare of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South in Seattle, Washington.  There is direct access to limited parking in our lot.  There is also parking in the rear parking lot and on back street. 

1/2 block north of the church, on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South and South Graham Street, is a large DSHS building with excessive parking available in the evening and on Sunday (if there is a need for valet parking at our off-site parking location, drive into our church parking lot and you will be greeted by our Security who will be happy to park your car for you).




On Sundays we don’t have “Children’s Church” because our children are welcomed to worship with us!


On Thursdays we are excited to gather our GGM youth and teens for Youth4Christ:  learning and activities at 6:30pm

TEENS (12-18)

YOUTH (3-11)

We encourage our Youth and Teens throughout the year with various gatherings and events.  We'd love to have your youth and your teens to be a part and we encourage you to be active with them.



When you enter the foyer you will be greeted with the love of a Security Saint and a Screening Saint then directed on how and where to proceed.  After entering into the Sanctuary door, you will be directed by our friendly and efficient Sanctuary Attendants to choose your seat.  Our worship service is awesome because of the dedication of the worship leaders and our awesome Preaching Pastor!.



SUNDAY         10:30am - Morning Manna (each Sunday is different - Sunday School, Worship Flow, Prayer, even Family Focus Interaction!)

SUNDAY         11:30am - Morning Worship On-Site and Live Broadcasting on FBLive through pre-registration only

THURSDAY    6:30pm - On-Site and Live Broadcasting on FBLive Bible Study

Our service is not structured but they are planned by our staff and customized by the leading of the Lord.  The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and we minister to those who are not able to get onsite to GGM - we have live streaming at the very time that we are holding service...Facebook Live and repeated on YouTube. The message is straight out of the bible – taught in a practical, applicable way with relevant analogies and a genuine sense of humor. Our Pastor is energetic, prayerful, dynamic!  What do I wear?...  Many love to be in their “Sunday Best” and others are a bit more casual. As our guest, our desire is that you just come in whatever makes you feel comfortable in His special house.  We welcome you.



“With the exception of our GGM Media Staff, RECORDINGS, in any form are NOT permitted (audio recording/taping, video recording/taping, cell phones, tablets, cameras, filming, Facebook Live, FaceTime, Webcam, or other apps/software, etc.) DURING THE TAUGHT OR PREACHED WORD, for any regular services within the Greater Glory Ministries Building by anyone (again, with the exception our GGM Media Staff) and those with written GGM permission.

Still photos are permitted, as long as the taking of pictures is with the permission of everyone in the photo and does not interfere with nor distract from the preached Word.   If you wish a recording, they are made available for your convenience on our GGM FB page and on YouTube..

Note To Everyone Entering the GGM Doors: The public areas of the GGM Building are often used to photograph and record audio and video footage for our church "history documentation" and for Facebook Live by our GGM Media Staff and by those with written GGM permission. By your presence in this building, you acknowledge that you may be photographed and/or audio/video recorded as part of our church history documentation and our ministering to those not able to be onsite, and you grant permission for you, your likeness, and your voice to be included therein without notice, compensation, credit, or other considerations.”




As our guest, We are glad that you are here and we welcome you home.


  • If you have been viewing us on FBLive and/or YouTube and would like GGM to be your church home, on this website go to the New Member Form page, fill out the form and submit it and we will be in touch with you.

  • If you would like to speak to someone about becoming a member of the Greater Glory Ministries, please let the Screeners or the Sanctuary Attendants know and they will be helpful in directing someone your way!


Once you have made that great decision to join the Greater Glory Ministries, you will be directed to this website to go to the New Member Form page. You will then be contacted by one of our lovely Administration Workers who will sign you up for a one-on-one Membership Course and will forward to you by email the Membership Packet.  After completing the Membership Course, you will be encouraged and assisted in getting tied into one of the various ministries, one of your choice.  These steps are active during non-COVID times and during COVID times.  Welcome Home!

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