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 GGM Event Requests & Calendar of Events


TO REQUEST THE SCHEDULING OF AN EVENT - this process is mandatory:

  • NOTE TO GGM MEMBERS & OTHERS: This process is established and approved by our Pastor. 

  • There can be no conflicting events with GGM Events (on-site or off-site)

  • Please sweetly comply.

  • Look at the Calendar below and find a possible date that is open 

  • See the EVENT REQUEST FORMS  to the right, click on the appropriate form link,

fill out your request form entirely, and submit to forward your request:

  • PLEASE NOTE: Your request must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior

to your desired event date

  • You will receive a response within 7 days of Request submission (please do not expect a response before this time)


  • Since we are yet under GGM-COVID cautions, our building and individual rooms are still not completely open to scheduling of non-essential events.  You will receive more information when you receive your response

  • Certain rooms with in the GGM Venue are not open for reserving, such as the Founders' Legacy Hall which is open only for meetings and events of the founders (Pastor and Pastor's Wife)

  • The GGM Calendar below is not all inclusive...there might be GGM and/or non-GGM events already scheduled but not yet posted (therefore possibly rendering a room or rooms, a date or dates, or times not available even though not yet showing up on this GGM Calendar)

  • The Calendar below is in an AGENDA-VIEW noting the documented GGM events (remember-this is not all inclusive)

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