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Services Registrations

GGM Answers to Common Questions


QUESTION:  Is GGM following all dictates of the County, State, Federal Government, Health Services, and the CDC regarding holding Sunday services during this pandemic?

ANSWER: YES!  GGM stands in total accordance with the most recent guidelines (copy in GGM office).  Since the middle of March 2020, GGM has consulted with authorities, read all mandating information, followed all guidelines, held in-depth Staff and Team Trainings, and even written its own Manual of Process which remains onsite.  GGM prepared for exactly 6 months and then in September, cautiously opened its doors to Staff and Teams Members first and next to GGM Members only.  (On March 14, 2021 we opened to GGM members and to guests)  We allow admittance only by pre-registration through our website in order to limit attendance numbers and especially to have on record the contact information of everyone who attends a Greater Glory Ministries event.  Anyone not pre-registered will not be allowed into the building or to stay on the premises in order to stay in compliance with all mandates and guidelines.  GGM has continuously emailed and updated its membership the updated mandatory Guidelines in a timely manner.  Following ever changing governmental phases and guidelines, watching COVID numbers,  and noting the seasonal change, GGM's on-site service schedule remains very fluid.  It is important that you be screened by at least 10 minutes prior to Service and be seated so that all Screeners are able to participate in service, also.


QUESTION:  How is GGM addressing cleanliness?  

ANSWER: GGM has posted and emailed letters to every member regarding our cleaning and sanitizing process.  GGM has worked diligently from April through August of 2020 in the removal of unnecessary articles and objects, cleaning and disinfecting items, wiping down all touchable areas (walls, light switches, doorknobs, mics (and individual mic covers are used), podiums, seats, etc.) with sanitation wipes, employing pest control, and utilizes, ongoing, professional building cleaners/sanitizers.  GGM sanitizes and facilitates a “bomb sanitization” regularly in the sanctuary and thorough cleaning and sanitizing prior to every service.  Restrooms are available but limited to only one person at a time.


QUESTION:  Is GGM assuring no over-crowding? 

ANSWER: GGM has posted and emailed letters to every member regarding our screening process, entering and exiting process, and our mandatory Sunday Service Registration process.  GGM has had months of Staff and Teams training including 2 Sundays of on-the-job training and the final Saturday prior to the opening Sunday in September 2020 of intensive training.  GGM has instituted a MANDATORY on-line Service Registration which assures that our "self-imposed permitted attendance of 200 including all administration and staff" is far below our "King County, CDC, and Health Services allowed attendance even in Phase 3 of 50% of our 499 capacity" (250).


QUESTION:  What is GGM doing about social distancing?  

ANSWER: GGM has posted and emailed letters to every member reminding of the self-imposed 6’ social distancing.  GGM has posters, barriers, and seating signs in the entrance, the foyer, and the sanctuary. Individuals are allowed to self-select seating but are encouraged to adhere to the 6' distancing unless sitting in households.  Entrance into the building and exiting the building is done in a "one-way" design (enter through foyer and exit through glass doors).  Reentry is done only by going back through the foyer entrance and he Screening.

QUESTION:  Are cloth face coverings required for all participants at GGM?  

ANSWER: YES.  GGM has posted and emailed letters to every member regarding the wearing of cloth face coverings being required for all participants.  Everyone is mandated to wear a cloth face covering before entering our site, while at our site, and upon leaving our site.  If an attendee does not have a mask, one will be freely provided to them.  All Staff and on-duty Team Members wear cloth face coverings at all times except during individual speaking/singing.  Face Shields are NOT acceptable as a mandated face covering.


QUESTION:  Regarding other services at GGM, how are these regulated?

ANSWER:  Besides our on-site Sunday Services, other services, such as Bible Study, District Meetings, weddings and homegoings, are regulated with much fluidity in accordance with all Federal, State, County, Health Services, and CDC mandates and according to the guidance strictness of the GGM Board of Directors and Sr. Pastor.  During this pandemic, there will be limited "other services" on-site at GGM and they will follow the same precautions as a regular service event but with our self-imposed permitted attendance of 200, including all administration and needed staff.  Feel free to contact us at for more information on how we might assist in homegoings, weddings, and other times of needed support.

QUESTION:  During this pandemic, are there particular days/weeks/months that the venue is not open to (GGM Members and guests) "the public?"

ANSWER:  Yes.  We regulate our "open to the public" with fluidity in accordance with the Federal, State, County, Health Services, and CDC mandates and according to the guidance of the GGM Board of Directors and Sr. Pastor.  Stay informed of the on-site schedule through this website and membership emails.  

QUESTION:  How can anyone find out other information not covered here?

ANSWER:  Please feel free to continuously visit this website at or email us at

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