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The Children of our

Sr. Pastor will Honor Him

and we will Join Them in Celebrating

His 75th Birthday

Sam L. Townsend, Sr.
Husband of 1 wife

  • Father of 14

  • Grandfather of 50​

  • Great-grandfather of 22

  • Mentor/Friend to the Masses

  • Sr. Pastor

  • District Superintendent

  • Administrative Assistant 2nd

             to the Jurisdictional Prelate

  • A Preacher's Preacher!

Please join the Townsend Children in honoring their Dad, our Pastor, on Saturday, December 16th in a Gala Black Tie Celebration of his 75th Birthday.  We are sure that the house will be full as family, church family, district family, jurisdictional family, out of town family, friends and acquaintances gather at the Watson Signature Event Center (11521 Bridgeport Way SW in Lakewood Washington) at 5:00pm.  It goes without saying that he would love to see you at the table so please click on the button below and register, purchase your ticket, and reserve your seat before capacity fills.

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