Communications Page

Hello and welcome to our COMMUNICATIONS PAGE.  

This is the place where we talk to you, update you on recent in-reach and out-reach successes, make seasonal requests as well as year-round appeals, and even facilitate small-group discussions between members and church leaders. 

Communications Page - CURRENT ON-SITE SCHEDULE

  • Today - our Sunday services at 11:30am and our Thursday Bible Study at 6:30pm are Live on Facebook Live
  • Today - all of our on-site services are closed until Spring of 2021 
  • Today - feel free to visit our Connect & Expect Page for more information and our Calendar Page for current events

Communications Page - GGM Brief History

On Thursday, July 10, 1980, Sam L. Townsend, Sr., along with his wife, Mother Gwendolyn E. Lawson Townsend, founded the Greater Glory Ministries with an adult membership of six (including Sister Sharon Morrison Brown, Sister Debbie Chelly, Brother Frank Carty, and Sister Minnie Carty). 

  • 2000 the Ministry expanded to the Tulalip Indian Reservation

  • 2001 Bishop T.L. Westbrook made the appointment of our Pastor to be superintendent over several churches in the Old Landmark District

  • 2014 Bishop Leo C. Brown, Jr. made the appointment of our pastor as Sr. Administrative Assistant

  • 2018 Pastor was appointed as the Jurisdictional Chair of the newly formed Investigation Committee.

  • 2019 Pastor received his Doctorate Degree.

  • 2020 GGM began its perfected on-line presence with Sunday Service at 11:30am and Thursday Bible Study at 6:30pm through Facebook Live!

Our congregation and ministries continues to be a light to a dying world as a Christ-Centered, Family-Focused ministry with in-reach and out-reach services for all.  

Communications Page - Up-Coming Events To Get Involved In

Beginning of the Year Ministries meeting was held on Saturday, January 16th to plan the coming years local GGM and District events to be posted at a later date.  Following is the tentative 2021 At A Glance so watch this area to stay up-to-date.

  • International Meetings Dates – Confirmed

  • Jurisdictional Meetings Dates – only some so far and these are confirmed

  • GGM / District Meetings Dates – Because of the pandemic, Pastor has not given us a 2021 calendar for GGM or for the District yet

GGM - Weekly Bible Study every Thursday at 6:30pm on FBLive and our weekly Sunday Word every Sunday at 11:30am on FBLive

GGM - every 5th Sunday we will change our 5th Sunday color to Royal Blue

INTL Leadership Conference – 1/21-22

JUR General Assembly – 1/25 at 5:00pm

JUR Leadership Conference – 1/27-29 (FYI – I will be on program in the evening of the 28th – Women’s Day – along with other ladies)

INTL General Assembly 2/23 

INTL Spring Call Meeting  4/13-15

JUR 50th Women’s Convention  4/21-23 (Mo. Lewis on Wednesday, Mo. Davis on Thursday, our Prelate on Friday) - no luncheon – substituted by a Drive-By on 4/17 to pick up your Registration Bag ($100) at Altheimer Memorial 11:00am and at Center of Faith 2:00pm

Women’s INTL Convention – 5/26-28

JUR AIM tentatively for the 3rd week in June

INTL AIM (Auxiliaries In Ministry) - June 30-July 2

INTL Holy Convocation - November 8-16 (possibly not virtual)

Communications Page 1st Quarter Highlighted Ministry

GET UP FRIEND OUTREACH-Greater Glory Ministries began in JULY 2020 with the permission and blessing of our pastor.  We are dedicated to spreading the love of Christ by giving a helping hand to our community and our neighbors who have fallen on hard times. 


In AUGUST we partnered with Sophia’s Place Women’s Shelter and were able to give over 60+ care packages and catered BBQ lunch to the ladies who resided there.


In SEPTENBER we partnered with Olive Crest and gave over 1000 supplies to make placement kits for the youth that are in foster care.


In OCTOBER we began the process of our holiday partnering.

We will, with your assistance, be a blessing for the upcoming holidays - join us in the following opportunities!



Get Up Friend Outreach has partnered with KentHOPE Day Center to bring some warmth and love this thanksgiving!

  • We will drop off homecooked meals and food on 11/27/2020.

  • If you will assist us in delivering food to KentHOPE Day Center you will need to follow these steps:

  • Sign up to be a volunteer at

  • Complete a background check (please complete it as soon as possible)

  • If you will assist by donating food but not deliver, please let me know so I can schedule a time to pick up your meal on 11/27/2020 and drop it off on your behalf



Get Up Friend Outreach has partnered with Olive Crest to make the Christmas Wish List for a child in foster care come true

  • Olive Crest has provided an Amazon Christmas Wish List that has been selected by children in foster care

  • Simply click on the amazon link below, select the gifts you would like to purchase for a child, and write “Get Up Friend Outreach”

  • Your gifts will be delivered to Olive Crest and distributed to their foster homes

  • PLEASE DO NOT forget to write with Get Up Friend Outreach in the description

  • The Amazon Christmas Wish List link:


Thank you so much for joining our holiday Partnering!  Monetary donations can be made through our GGM Givelify app using its Get Up Friend Outreach  envelope.  If you have unanswered questions, please contact me.  Come on – Get Up Friend!

Please see your GGM email for contact information and get involved!


The GGM In-Deed Outreach Ministry